Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review and Fast hand Feelings

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review & System Specification ||

Brand new Samsung Galaxy Z flip unpacked in San Francisco for their all fans. Lets see what you will get when you are gonna buy a vertical folding phone like SamsungGalaxy Z Flip. Samsung Z flip got the snapdragon 855+ and 8 gigabytes of RAM with 256 gigabytes of storage and a combined 3300 amp hour battery. The 3300 amp battery capacity is okay and it still has wireless charging system which is a ultra nice technology.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Camera: With new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip you will get dual cameras of 112 megapixel standard and a 12 megapixel ultra wide captures. Playing with the Z flip you can see they've made some different design and material choices that make it a very exclusive and stylus phone in 2020. The main one being the screen is built with ultra thin folding glass not plastic and you can feel that. Whens wiping around and using this screen it's not a soft plastic that you can almost literally dig your f…

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 108 MEGA PIXEL Camera | Best Camera Phone in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 108 MEGA PIXEL Camera Features || You should know before Buy !

Hi Galaxy Fan! You are going to read an amazing camera that come with new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 2020. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that changes photography world and this is the phone that changes the history of smartphones. If you not still satisfied with you current smartphone camera I hope you may waiting for this one. Ok friends, Lets know more about New Galaxy S20 Ultra HD Camera.

The New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera brings full hd 8K resolution to video and photos. Now Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 2020 is a game-changing 5G phone around the world. AI pro-grade HD Camera system is the heart of S20 Ultra. Galaxy s20ultra come out with 9x more pixels than most other cameras. That means have to forget about 12 Mega Pixel Old Look! because with epic 108MP best photos and videos. Its easy to do now pinch in, and in and then you can take another pic from the camera and it will still be pin clear and sharp. 

When world best camera phone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes to zoom the Space Zoom will take you places because no mobile has been made that before. 10x Zoom, unbelievable 100x Dog Shots, Woof Woof Shots ! And Yeah, All the capture you can make and save as real as live! 

For the Low Lights shots, the phone sensor has nearly tripled in the size to pull more light in way and so that Samsung S20 Ultra easily can shoot even more from the light of the night. And when the camera comes to action Galaxy S20 Ultra brings true Action -Cam to user.

Super sophisticated AI balances camera movement make smooth for every frame of a video as a feature film. The single shots will capture ridiculously multiple formats at once. The super 8K video snap will change your photography feelings when you can take a 33 Mega Pixel Images from 8K regulated video. I think every phone has a camera before Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra but Galaxy S20 Camera give a nice phone with it.


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